Welcome back … first of all … It’s more than a year ago, that I wrote my last article here on my blog, but being a mom is not that easy I must say and my boy is keeping me sooo busy every day! So I’m going to post in future more beauty posts as they are easier & faster to create than a fashion post, but when I figured out how to manage everything, I will be so delighted to do fashion posts as well. So coming to my articletoday, which I’m so excited to share with you as I’m such a perfume lover and I hope you, who are reading this, too.

Perfume – The story of a murderer” is one of my favorite movies and I am so in love with it! It’s genius and the story is just amazing – love, love, love!!! This is what my post is about – Perfume. Continue reading




Keep it organic! Keep it healthy! Nowadays there is no way around these words, around having a healthy lifestyle, which includes to eat organic and use organic products, too!

I got part of this lifestyle since last year after I read an article on I started to eat healthy and use as many organic products as I can. At first I didn’t thought about using organic products for my hair, skin and body, because I thought living healthy is all about eating and working out, but then I discovered that it is also about keeping it  healthy from the outside not just from the inside. It is also about making your body feel the same good things you put into your body from the outside!  So I started to search some organic beauty products to try and I must say it feels sooo good to know, that you apply  natural things onto your skin and hair! Continue reading



Welcome back! I finally got into writing again here on my blog LaMarina. And I found the time to shoot these images for this article. In this post I wanted to share with you nearly most of my Make Up products, which I use currently. Some of them are new purchases, some I use for quite some time. You can discover them later here below.  In future I wish to have more time for my blog, especially for some fashion posts, that I would love to show you and write about. I must say writing a blog is much more time-consuming than I thought and you really need to figure out how to manage it with your job and life from the beginning, where you need to first create and build something up, if you want to be a real blogger you must also see it and be able doing it as a job. And the most important thing is to have a free mind, if you want to write something great to fascinate and grasp your readers. Alright, let’s get to this post now… Continue reading


Welcome back! I must say … A long long time ago I started a blog … Well, haha, it feels for me like that, like history… It wasn’t quite what I expected when I started my blog, but you’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future. So in fact I had a lot of stress and problems the last couple of months regarding my job situation. And at the same time  there were my wedding preparations (which are still going on as I’m going to have my wedding celebration in July) as well as our renovation of our beloved home (also still going on 🙂 ) All these events together gave me no time to writing my blog, which made me feel very down as far as I already was down during my situation at that very moment. But I didn’t stop thinking of ideas for my next blog posts and I didn’t stop creating new outfits in my mind to shoot for my articles to come up here on LaMarina. Continue reading



Hey everyone! Ahhh … I feel kind of happy that I decided to write this post today! I just felt like it,  I need to write at this moment and it doesn’t matter if I have the time or not. I took the time today evening to write my fourth article, although I could do some work today, but work needed to wait for tomorrow and this time I have a little more time to finish my work actually, sooo let’s get started! As I mentioned in my last post it’s going to be glittering in this new post and it is! Continue reading

Blue Marine



Hey guys! Wow I feel like it has been a very loooong time since I wrote my last article here, but,….. as I already mentioned in my last post I had to work a lot! And I mean really a lot!!! So the third post needed to wait a long time to be published, although I shot these pictures nearly three weeks ago! OMG! My sincerely apologies to all of you! But here it is: My first fashion post! As the title says this outfit is all about blue. Continue reading




And here we are! My second article on my blog La Marina which is all about eye care. I must excuse myself about the late post but there came something up with work so I was quite busy these days. And that’s not enough, earlier today I started to feeling little sick and now I’m writing this blogpost while feeling like it’s getting worse … oh how I love to be sick 😉 (I hope you know I mean it ironic, haha) I just don’t like Winter and since I’m here in China it’s the monthly standard for me getting sick during this time here … I can tell  you! (…the bad air polution in winter here..ahh …) Well, now I took the time, because I already have something new to share with you too, so I need to finish this post first.

So today (the day when I started to write this article^^) I’m sharing with you my current, favourite eye products that I use and I’m talking about some of my tips and tricks that I do to have beautiful eyes.  Continue reading

La Marina


Hi guys & welcome to my first own blog  La Marina.  First I’m going tell you  a little about myself and what you can expect from my blog before I refer to my first blog post. My name is Marina Bliem, I’m 26 years old, german and living currently in China.

Why I started this blog? Well, … I’m a huge fashion & beauty addict and love everything around it. Last year I explored a lot of blogs especially the blog Kayture from Kristina Bazan  that inspired me to create my own blog…. and now came the new year!!! … so it was the perfect time to do something new, (new year, new you :D) write about things I love and share it with people. I decided to share my love to fashion, beauty & lifestyle with you and hope you will like my blog. Continue reading