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Hi guys & welcome to my first own blog  La Marina.  First I’m going tell you  a little about myself and what you can expect from my blog before I refer to my first blog post. My name is Marina Bliem, I’m 26 years old, german and living currently in China.

Why I started this blog? Well, … I’m a huge fashion & beauty addict and love everything around it. Last year I explored a lot of blogs especially the blog Kayture from Kristina Bazan  that inspired me to create my own blog…. and now came the new year!!! … so it was the perfect time to do something new, (new year, new you :D) write about things I love and share it with people. I decided to share my love to fashion, beauty & lifestyle with you and hope you will like my blog.

La Marina is going to be all about fashion, beauty & lifestyle where fashion will play the bigger part of it. For my first post I chose these images I shot to show  you two of my favourite brands, the first is the designer Dior and the other one is the spanish brand Massimo Dutti. Maybe you ask yourself why I chose a beauty post first and not a fashion post to show who I am … well … what is the best thing to get to know someone ? Yes! You know what he likes. So as far as I am really fond of these two you will see them a lot  in my future posts 😀

Let’s start with Massimo Dutti. It’s a spanish brand which I explored some day by strolling through a Vogue Magazine. Since then I am a huge lover of it. I mean their clothes are so full of quality, chic, class and fits always perfectly.  I’ve managed to get these two pieces, a golden ring with aged hammered finish with its brand name engraved inside and a golden statement necklace,  at their final Sale. I put the link below where you can find theses pieces, but I think the necklace is already sold out while I think the ring you can still get.



And here we come to Dior. I don’t know what it is in contrast to other designers which I also love!, but Dior represents the perfect lady for me and is just amazing with its beautiful, feminine, chic, luxurious, elegant and individualism design. I’m just ‘Crazy in Love’. I hope I can afford one day soon their iconic shoes, bags and dresses. Here I show you some of Dior’s Make up products and my beloved Dior perfume “Miss Dior” which smells amazing!!! It makes you feel so confident and like a real lady! I love perfumes! Nothing makes an outfit or a look more complete than the perfect scent of a perfume, doesn’t it? What is your favourite perfume, guys? Let me know! 🙂


Perfume: Miss Dior Eau de Parfum, Dior

Foundation: Diorskin Forever, 010 Ivory, Dior

Lipstick:  Dior Addict Fluid Stick, 575 Wonderland, Dior

Mascara: Diorshow Extase, 090 Black Extase, Dior










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