Welcome back! I must say … A long long time ago I started a blog … Well, haha, it feels for me like that, like history… It wasn’t quite what I expected when I started my blog, but you’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future. So in fact I had a lot of stress and problems the last couple of months regarding my job situation. And at the same time  there were my wedding preparations (which are still going on as I’m going to have my wedding celebration in July) as well as our renovation of our beloved home (also still going on 🙂 ) All these events together gave me no time to writing my blog, which made me feel very down as far as I already was down during my situation at that very moment. But I didn’t stop thinking of ideas for my next blog posts and I didn’t stop creating new outfits in my mind to shoot for my articles to come up here on LaMarina. So far so good. I recovered from all this stress (which had a bit bad effect on my health from which I need to recover, too to get back to the healthy lifestyle) and now I’m writing again. The first post I wanted to make was to share my wedding photos (which you shoot traditionally before the wedding in China :D) in the amazing and stunning wedding dresses I chose for the shooting.

The first dress I chose is inspired by Cinderella’s breathtaking blue dress :), which I couldn’t keep my eyes off while watching the movie. And I loved the baby blue color, which makes your skin looks like porcelain! For this dress I wanted to keep my hair loose to make it a more easy and effortless wedding look.

For the next wedding look I wanted to be more ladylike, chic and elegant.

The last dress is a dominant one, which represents a strong and powerful woman. So I hope you enjoy these images and feel free to leave some comments below, I would be pleased to hear what you think of them. Stay tuned for my next post and enjoy the week! It’s finally summer time!!! *Love*




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