Welcome back … first of all … It’s more than a year ago, that I wrote my last article here on my blog, but being a mom is not that easy I must say and my boy is keeping me sooo busy every day! So I’m going to post in future more beauty posts as they are easier & faster to create than a fashion post, but when I figured out how to manage everything, I will be so delighted to do fashion posts as well. So coming to my articletoday, which I’m so excited to share with you as I’m such a perfume lover and I hope you, who are reading this, too.

Perfume – The story of a murderer” is one of my favorite movies and I am so in love with it! It’s genius and the story is just amazing – love, love, love!!! This is what my post is about – Perfume.
I remember in school, where I had to prepare and held a presentation about perfume, since that day my interest in it started and is still present and will always be.

I love everything that smells good! Is it the scent of fresh flowers, sweet fruits or freshly brewed coffee … anything with a good smell makes me feeling agitated and so good! That’s why I love perfume so much. There are so many perfumes, which smell great, but for me a perfume is also something that represents my personality and if I choose a perfume I should feel really connected to it. Is it a perfume that I will really want to smell on me or not …? Does it makes me emotional, excited, intoxicating or even hot 😉 …??? If it does, then I’m going to purchasethis perfume. And I can feel whether its the right one for me or not. For me a drop of perfume on memakes me feel good and confident at the same time. And who doesn’t want someone to remember the woman with that amazing scent … but please if we talk perfume: more is here not more! So pleasedon’t use too much of it, girls!  A perfume is the perfect finish of a styling! If I go out without having used a perfume, I feel kind of naked – same as if you haven’t styled your hair.

I have some perfumes in my collection as you can see, but not too much. But I already have to next ones on my wish list, which smell like roses … so amazing OMG!!! (Bulgari & Cartier). In my first post I already showed you my Miss Dior perfume and in anotherpost my second perfume from Dior J’adore Dior. I love both so much. They make me feel like a lady and I love using them for evening or a night out or a dinner as they are for me the right perfumes for these occasions. – I love to apply different perfumesto different occasions, which I think fits to it and which I love to smell at that very moment! That’s why I love to have various perfumes not just one. (but not too many, too :))


My ultimate favorites right now are my Ariana Grande perfumes! Ari & Sweet like Candy. Both smell so good you guys! Sweet (but not too sweet), fresh and a bit fruity! Loves it! XO     I love these to use during the day! And now I can say Sweet like Candy I love even more – I’m almost obsessed with it!!! Thanks, Ariana!XO


My new perfume is The Scent from Hugo Boss. OMGI could have literally died, when I smelled this perfume … It’s so tempting and seductive to me with its peachy note – breathtaking!!! I’m melting … This is definitely a perfume for special occasions, my loves!


Well, that’s actually it with my article. I hope you liked it & the photos as well. And are also perfume lovers like me. Would love to hear, what your faves are. Like & leave a comment below! Thank you, dears! See you in my next post, which comes very soon! Muah



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