Keep it organic! Keep it healthy! Nowadays there is no way around these words, around having a healthy lifestyle, which includes to eat organic and use organic products, too!

I got part of this lifestyle since last year after I read an article on I started to eat healthy and use as many organic products as I can. At first I didn’t thought about using organic products for my hair, skin and body, because I thought living healthy is all about eating and working out, but then I discovered that it is also about keeping it  healthy from the outside not just from the inside. It is also about making your body feel the same good things you put into your body from the outside!  So I started to search some organic beauty products to try and I must say it feels sooo good to know, that you apply  natural things onto your skin and hair!

I just tried some of these products, like the body wash or the body lotion and must say it’s great!You should definitely try them out. You can smell and feel that it is a natural product when you use it and you will feel awesome, too!

You can talk so much about organic and I could talk a lot about each product and its ingredients, too, but it would take such a long time and I would sit probably some days to finish this article. 😀 So I just simply don’t do it and you can find out about each product and its deatails by yourself as I will post all the websites of each brand later below. 🙂

To my life at the moment …. it’s still busy and so many changes happened this year and not all the best, so I have barely time for my blog and for writing more posts around beauty and fashion! This year is just a really bad year for me except one point, that I’m happily pregnant and in my 22nd week … 🙂 I’m going to write more posts in future, it is promised!

I hope you like my article and would be grateful about some comments and tell me what you think about my post and about organic beauty products.  Have  a great week everyone and enjoy the images! 🙂















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