And here we are! My second article on my blog La Marina which is all about eye care. I must excuse myself about the late post but there came something up with work so I was quite busy these days. And that’s not enough, earlier today I started to feeling little sick and now I’m writing this blogpost while feeling like it’s getting worse … oh how I love to be sick 😉 (I hope you know I mean it ironic, haha) I just don’t like Winter and since I’m here in China it’s the monthly standard for me getting sick during this time here … I can tell  you! (…the bad air polution in winter here..ahh …) Well, now I took the time, because I already have something new to share with you too, so I need to finish this post first.

So today (the day when I started to write this article^^) I’m sharing with you my current, favourite eye products that I use and I’m talking about some of my tips and tricks that I do to have beautiful eyes. As I woke up today in the morning, after a restless night, and looking into my bathroom mirror … here they were again … theses dark circles around my eyes and how tired I looked … So I had the idea (that came into my mind under my daily morning shower by the way … hehe) to write this article about eye care, which I think is a very important thing to take care off. Oh how we know when we meet someone … where do we look first? – Yes, correct! – The Eyes! So it’s more important to think of eye care as we know when we go out, you look people in the eyes and who don’t want to look in someone’s eyes that are wide open, full of freshness & brightness, which brings the effect of kindness and warmth with it. I want to introduce you to some products that I commonly use at the moment, which are the Clinique repairwear eye cream, the Skinfood eyecream as well as the Estee Lauder night serum and the Clinique eye serum.  I don’t use them all, I just like to change sometimes. Some days I like to put on this eye cream, sometimes the other one or a serum, so it depends how I feel that day and what I think my eyes need at that time. I usually apply eye cream or serum at night, because the night is the perfect time for the body to regenarate, this means also for the skin. And also because I like the feeling of freshness and nourishment around my eyes (,which are getting so tired during a day that you need to give them a little treatment to make them relaxed,) before I go to sleep. I would like to hear about your eye care routines, so feel free to leave me some comments below. 🙂 Maybe you can give me some tips, too. OK, let’s continue … well, what I forgot to tell you: What I do when I apply the cream or serum is, I do a little kind of massage. I tap the cream into my skin until I have the feeling that my skin has absorbed the cream. This little massage, as I call it, gives the skin around the eyes a little push, stimulates the blood circulation which has a decongestant effect and it helps the ingredients to penetrate better into the skin. But please do it soft, the skin around the eyes is very gentle, this is another reason to tap the cream into the skin instead of just apply it in a normal way.

To the products: Skinfood is a Korean cosmetic brand, it’s very popular in the Asian countries. Since I live in China quite some time now, I discovered a lot of Asian beauty products here. I like especially the Korean products, they are amazing. You can check it out! This cream is very light and easy to apply, it gives a lot of nourishment, great to apply it at night. The other cream is from Clinique. It’s an anti-wrinkle cream that is gentle, also light, can minimize fine wrinkle lines and it helps to repair the skin around your eyes. I like this cream, it  feels very light on my skin and I feel it kind of helpful against my wrinkles and my appears a little brighter after its application, well you never know for sure, but for me it works! The other product of Clinique is awesome, too. I think their products are just adorable . A serum with an instantly cooling rollerball with whom you can massage your eye bags away (which great for me as I used have these sometimes in the morning), refreshes, hydrates puffy eyes, brightens the eye area like the cream and combats dark circles, too (this is great for me again!, thanks Clinique). I just started to use this product since 2 weeks and I must say it’s great, well I don’t see much difference regarding my dark circles, but … let’s give it some time!  At last there is the night repair serum from Estee Lauder. This serum is intensive, but light. It helps to fight the aging signs of the eye. As I first tried this serum, I felt it’s very comfort to the skin and feels wonderful and the aging thing needs time. You need to use it, and this means for very eye product, over a long time to see real results and start early! I did! I started to use eye cream maybe with 22 or so, well if you’re younger don’t hesitate to start!!!

These products I shot are just small samples, because they are also enough to try them first before I buy the normal size product.

A last little tip for sleepy eyes in the morning, slice two pieces of cucumber and put in a fridge, wait some minutes and then put in on your eyes, relax for some minutes and you will definitely feel awake & fresh to start the day!

Ah … I can talk so much about this topic so it got a  little longer than I expected, but I  hope you will have fun to read it. And there’s going to be another article soon just around eye masks, which I love to do quite often. So stay tuned!!!


Cream: Clinique Repairwear Eye CreamClinique                                                                       

Cream: Skinfood (Sorry, I don’t know the name, please check out their website), Skinfood

Serum: Clinique All About Eyes Serum, Clinique

Serum: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum, Estee Lauder









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